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Shower Steamer: You Deserve A Spa-Like Shower

on January 14, 2021


If one of the situations apply to you: you are too busy to enjoy a bath, or you don’t have a bathtub, or you are a shower lover, AND you love to enjoy the great scent of essential oil while taking a shower, shower steamer is perfect for you.

Lagunamoon Shower Steamer is designed to add aromatherapy to your shower and make the shower an indulgent and soothing treat. It is a great way to turn your shower into a pampering aromatherapy spa. As you shower, the pleasant aroma of essential oil drifts through the shower steam, creating a relaxing environment to help relieve your spirit, body, and mind while adding a touch of luxury to the shower.

There are 12 tablets with 6 fragrances which are menthol & eucalyptus, lavender field, rose garden, virgin forest, cypress sage & patchouli, and lemongrass tea. Choose a fragrance you like and enjoy your shower time!


How to use:

It’s really simple to use Lagunamoon Shower Steamers, you just need to place one shower steamer on the shower floor ( away from direct stream of water), as the water activates the steamer, it releases its essential oil scent into the air. 


We guarantee that our products are made with natural ingredients, including no artificial color, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. You can enjoy your shower with no guilty!


After you use this shower steamer set, we appreciate it if you can leave this product a review! Please tell us how you think so that we can do better!


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