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A Hot Bath Will Not Let Anything Ruin A Day

on December 28, 2020

Looking for something that can make your day? This 28 pcs bath bombs and bubble bar set will put you in a soothing mood every night before you go to sleep. No panic, all of them are organic and dye-free, which means you don’t need to clean your tub after a bath. With this 28 pcs bath bombs set, you can easily enjoy a home spa every day of the month, do not be surprised if your skin becomes smooth and flossy.


Bath Bombs & Bubble Bar Gift Set 28 Pcs

There are 25 bath bombs ,3 bubble bars and 2 packs of dried rose petals contained in the set. This is not only a perfect gift to treat yourself, but also a never-go-wrong present for others, because all bath bombs are cruetly free and vegan friendly, safe for all skin types and ages, and each of them is wrapped individually in an elegant gift box.


Choose A Flavor Base On How You Feel

Too many flavor to choose? Here are some tips for you.

Bubble bars

Black Orchid - Charm

- This is the best choice for a romantic evening

 Blackberry - Exhilaration

- After a exhilarate day with friends, let the mood last.

Grapefruit - Confidence

- Doing a presentation tomorrow? Don’t worry, you are the best!

Bath Bombs

Lily of the Valley - Security

- You’ve met so many people today, make the evening your own time.

Freesia - Alertness

- Study for your final test while taking a bath is absolutely fine!

Chamomile - Relaxation

- It has been a long day, take a bath and let the music play.

Apple - Rejuvenation

- Give your muscle a break after a hard work out.

Forest - Creativity

- Lost track of your art work? Take a bath with your favorite wine to refresh your mind.

Peppermint - Concentration

- The smell of peppermint helps you think quickly.

Jasmine - Joy

- Have a good bath time with your kids!

Ocean - Wisdom

- How about making a travel plan to the beach?

Coconut - Clarity

- You are such a good decision maker!

Coconut Vanilla - Calmness

- Busy day is off, enjoy your personal time.

Peach - Delight

- Girly vibe for today!

Passionfruit - Ethusiasm

- Your ethusiasm makes you shiny.

Rose - Happiness

- Weekend is coming, there is no need to get up early, enjoy your night.

Orange - Vibrancy

- Who says bath is only for night, take a morning bath and start the day in a good mood.

Honeysuckle - Tranquility

- Everything will be fine.

Ocean Breeze - Clear Thinking

- Ocean always makes people think clearly.

Lemongrass & Lime - Invigoration

- Life is sweet & sour.

Lemon - Positivity

- Don’t be depressed honey, it’s not a big deal.

Tea Tree - Energy

- Don’t push yourself too hard.

Rosemary - insight

- Everyone has their own philosophy.

Strawberry - Cheer

- Let the sweetness of strawberry cheer your day.

Grapefruit - Peace

- That’s not loneliness, that’s peace.

Neroli - Comfort

- Give your tired body a rest.

Gardenia - Harmony

- Take a bath in a leisurely sunny afternoon.

Blackwood - Freedom

- Be yourself.


Choose a flavor, sprinkle with rose petals, and be ready to enjoy your happiest moment.


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