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Nighttime Dancing Aurora: Focus On The Inside, Not The Outside

on December 30, 2020

Have no idea of choosing a bath bomb product because they all look similar? 

Here is a product that works best for you!


Nighttime Dancing Aurora Bath Bombs set has 6 bath bombs, all of them are in a dark gray color outside, which is different enough compared to other bath bomb products.

The main ingredient of their surface: dead sea mud, has the benefit of trace elements, minerals, and other organic substances, which helps clean and soothe sensitive skin.

But the most exciting part is that when they are soaked into water, they start to splash all kinds of color, just like the aurora in the nighttime. Enjoy the great refreshment and relaxation from the gorgeous essential oil scents, and the moist from cocoa butter and shea butter.

Now watching the process of a bath bomb’s dissolution is like watching a magic show! 

And of course, these are all made with dye-free natural ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the bathtub.


Each of these bath bombs has a different soothing scent and different color.

Grapefruit: turn into burning lights color, stand for vigor.

Lemon: turn into golden blaze color, stand for relaxation.

Rose: turn into night rainbow color, stand for enthusiasm.

Ocean: turn into nighttime glow color, stand for stability. 

Peppermint: turn into pulsating aurora color, stand for refreshment.

Lavender: turn into rosy glow color, stand for liveliness.


Everyone is shining in their own unique way, we all have a colorful personality, and the world is colorful because of us.



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