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5 Home Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

on May 13, 2020


For the starter essential oils, Lemon essential oil is one of the best choices.  The uses of Lemon essential oil can cover a wider variety, let’s check out five common home uses.


Refresh bedroom

Put several drops as desired of Lemon essential oil into your essential oil diffuser.  To assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort, you could try some blends.  For example, Lemon essential oil with Peppermint and Lavender.


Nourish leather furniture

To preserve and protect your leather furniture, shoes and other leather surfaces or garments, try to use a cloth soaked in Lemon essential oil.


Disinfect study room

In order to attack something might be living in your tables, countertops and other surfaces, add Lemon essential oil to a spray bottle, filled with water.


Refresh clothes

Try a few drops of Lemon essential oil in rinse, which can prevent the smelly odor.


Remove sticks

A sticky floor is annoying, why not try some drops of Lemon essential oil in cleaning cloth to wipe it.


What’s your favorite way to use Lemon essential oil?  Please share your ideas with us!


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