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A Brightening Serum That Takes Effects In A Week

on January 04, 2021

If you know health, you know Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is not only well-known in health supplement products, but it is also widely used in skincare products because of lots of benefits it provides:

  • Reduces wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines
  • Antioxidant
  • Fades dark spots and sunspots
  • Protect collagen
  • Minimize pores
  • Deeply nourish
  • Brightens complexion

So if you are digging for a product that will show all of these effects in a short period, please keep reading.


Laguna Moon Vitamin C Serum contains 15% vitamin C, 50% higher than most other vitamin C serums on the market, which will help your skin stand the test of life.


Ingredients of Laguna Moon Vitamin C Serum

High Levels of Vitamin C

- Fights oxidation, brightens dark spots, and boosts collagen production

Aloe Vera Extract

- Provides hydrating, soothing, antibacterial benefits

Tea Leaf Extract

- Reduces excess sebum production


- Hydrates the skin and maintains skin elasticity and radiance

Sugar Cane Extract

- Brightens skin tone and reveals younger-looking skin

Coconut Water

- Moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and fresh


Benefits of Laguna Moon Vitamin C Serum

- Regenerates the skin, gives the skin a more luminous and healthy look.

- Provides intense moisture and makes your skin plump and radiant.

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and revives dull-looking skin, helps to remove freckles and pockmarks, giving you a more uniform skin tone.

- Enriched with small-molecule high concentration vitamin C, infiltrates deeply into the skin. Its antioxidant properties keep your skin delicate and tender.

- The highly-concentrated and active vitamin C helps to shrink pores, leaving the skin fair and smooth-looking.


How To Use

- Use it both morning and night, after toner and before moisturizer, apply 4 to 6 drops of Laguna Moon Vitamin C Serum, tap into the skin with fingertips until it is absorbed.


Use Laguna Moon Vitamin C Serum every day, the result can be seen in just a week.


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