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100% Pure Essential Oil Set - Sound of Nature

on March 02, 2021


If you are looking for an essential oils set that can satisfy all your daily needs, you’re on the right spot! Our 100% Pure Essential Oil set is the most substantial set which contains 10 most frequently used flavored essential oils and 5 essential oil blends that covers all your needs.

The 5 essential oil blends are:

Good Sleep Blend - A comforting blend of 100% pure sage & lavender essential oils that targets symptoms of nervous tension, a flagging spirit, sleeplessness, indigestion, dull-looking skin, pimples, and so on.

Breathe Blend - Calm your mind and body with a refreshing blend of sweet orange, peppermint, lavender essential oils when you feel restless. Breathe blend uplifts your spirit, opens your airway, and delivers energizing scents that hit the "reboot" button of your body.

Stress Relief Blend - Infused with a blend of ylang ylang, geranium, lemongrass, and sweet orange essential oils. Each drop is distilled from pure plants and includes absolutely no preservatives, additives, or artificial colors. Stress Relief Blend is a natural remedy for a stressful body and mind.

Health Shield Blend - Health Shield Blend is composed of cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemon 100% Pure Essential Oils. It has natural healing qualities and no additives, preservatives, artificial colors, perfumes, paraffin, or mineral oils. The refreshing scent of lemongrass pairs beautifully with the woody scents of cinnamon and eucalyptus to stimulate circulation and uplift spirit.

Deep Muscle Relief Blend - If you're dealing with sore, tired and stressed muscles that result from long periods of sitting or extra workout, Deep Muscle Relief Blend will do the trick. This blend has been prized for its ability to soothe muscle tension, giving you a feeling of vitality and buoyancy.

Find out more information about how to use our pure essential oil blends: Pure Essential Oil Blends, Saviour of Your Health And Beauty

The 10 essential oils are:

Lavender - Helps with insomnia

Peppermint - Helps concentrate and against bacteria

Lemon - Clears the mind of distraction

Lemongrass - Helps relieve anxiety and pain

Orange - Helps lift the mood and relieve stomach upset

Cinnamon Bark - Promotes circulation both internally and externally

Tea Tree - Keeps skin and hair healthy, also promotes mental strengthen

Roman Chamomile - Has a therapeutic, calming effect on the skin, mind, and body

Eucalyptus - Helps relieve coughing and control blood sugar 

Ginger - Supports overall digestive health


2 Droppers - Packed in the gift set which makes it easier when applying.

How to use:

Diffusion - Simply add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser, enjoy the soothing scents and take a relax for both mind and body.

Massage - Dilute with a carrier oil for massage, for adults, a safe dilution percentage would range from 0.5% to 5.0%. 

DIY - Make your own personal care products such as shampoo and body lotion. 


Each product in this gift set was chosen because of its wide usefulness and popularity, which make it a perfect gift set for everyone! 

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