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Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser: Best Pair With Our Essential Oils

on January 18, 2021


If you have tried our essential oil products, we are sure that you love them. And if you are looking for a pair-up diffuser that is affordable, durable, and beautiful looking, our aroma diffuser is perfect.

Lagunamoon Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser has an elegant look with dark brown wood grain, it’s not only a diffuser but also a decoration in your house. It is only weighed 1.34 pounds, super light to carry so that you can easily use it anywhere. You can place it on the kitchen island while cooking, or on the living room table while reading, or in the bedroom while sleeping. And it is extremely quiet when working since it adopts ultrasonic technology. 

Our essential oil aroma diffuser can hold up to 300ml of water and run up to 8 hours of continuous output. 

Automatically shut off when running out of water to protect from overheating damage. 

You can also customize the timer settings to 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or steady on.

7-color LED light which you can make them cycle through or set it to your favorite one for different vibes. Moreover, the light can be set to either dim or bright.

To use it, simply add 100-300ml of water and drops of essential oils, choose a function you like. It also can be used as an air humidifier by only adding water.


Healthy benefits of using a diffuser:

  1. It relieves your stress
  2. It balances your hormones
  3. It provides you a better sleep
  4. Ward off illness
  5. It helps you breathe easier


Get yourself a diffuser because you deserve a quality life!

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