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Why does my gel polish peel off?

on July 15, 2021

While it sounds easy, but most of the people who manicure at home never get the best results. Some beginners might find their gel polish come off easily after a couple days of wear, while others can stay for 21 days.

Here are some common reasons for why your gel polish peels off easily. Most beginners don’t do the process right and as a result, ruin their gel polish look.


Reason 1: No Preparation for Base Coat

· Not removing the nail polish

· Not cleaning your nails before applying base


Reason 2: Using Thicker Layers of Base or Gel Polish

· Thicker layers of both base coat and gel polish become the hurdle in proper manicure. So always make a point of applying thin layers first. 


Reason 3: Insufficient Exposure to UV  

· Proper exposure to UV light giver quicker and complete result.

· If nails are not facing UV light, the gel polish will not cure properly.



If you want to avoid both salons and tacky layers, you need to learn the art. While you can read the correct way of application in a step-by-step manner, but the best result will come with practice. 

In a word, you need to master the art with great practice to get the best result. 

But don’t worry if you are not comfortable with the process. We have some great alternatives that can solve your problem once for all. 

Here are a few professional advice.


1.Use Dehydrator and Primer before Base Coat, it helps the Gel attach to your nail bed better.

2.Try to apply each coat of gel polish as thin as possible. Don’t worry about the coverage, as long as you put on the second coat of color gel, usually you’ll get a nice and smooth solid color.

3.Cure each layer fully, which means that you should cure it under a nice lamp with at least 30-60s. We recommend to use Lagunamoon UV/LED lamp since it’s 2 sources of lights included and will help to cure more efficiently.


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