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Why does Gel Nail Polish shrink?

on May 08, 2020

REASON 1: Improper preparation of the nail plate

If you do not cleanse your nails properly, the oils on the nail plate are incompatible with the gel.

REASON 2: Thick base coat

When you apply the thick base coat on the nails for a short curing time under the lamp, the thick inhibition layer appears so that the base coat is not completely dry, which causes the shrinkage of color gels.

REASON 3: Thick color gels

Suppose you apply the thick layers of color gels, even for a short curing time, under the lamp. That will cause color gels to shrink.

REASON 4: Gels incompatibility

The base coat is incompatible with the color gels.

REASON 5: Separated ingredients without well mixed

Ensure your bottle of gel polish is well shaken. Sometimes the ingredients can separate and cause shrinking.

Please kindly note that we should accordingly judge the reasons for color gels shrinking from the operating steps of users.


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