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10 Long-Lasting Nail Tips For DIY at Home

on May 25, 2021


Manicures and pedicures are the ultimate “treat yourself” experience. It’s never too costly with just the right amount of glamour. There are so many lacquer types to choose from. You can have regular nail polish that will last a few days, just long enough for a special event and an easy DIY. Or acrylics, which last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, however, you will most likely need to see a professional. Gel nail polish is a happy middle and growing in popularity by the minute. It lasts as long as acrylic nails, if done correctly, and is an easy DIY! Read on for tips and tricks to get those DIY Gel nails lasting as long as possible!



Tip 1: Prep your nails for a lasting result

Before applying your gel nail polish, always prep your nail bed. Make sure your nails are clean, free of dirt or oils, and filed. Using a PH coat beforehand can help the nail polish stay on longer.

Tip 2:  Take care of your nail bed

Because gel nail polish lasts longer on a dry and filed nail, it can lead to dehydration on the nail bed. Take time to pamper your nails in between your manicures. Using cuticle oil after your manicures can help your nails remain strong.

Tip 3: Picking out the best Gel nail polish

Veganism is more than a food choice; vegan products such as vegan nail polish are currently on the market, and gaining interest from the public! Try Lagunamoon, a vegan, natural-occurring resin, long-lasting, low odor, toxin-free, and cruelty-free brand.

Tip 4: Limit your exposure to UV Lamps

Gel nail polish needs to cure under a UV lamp. It’s worth it to invest in a high-quality UV lamp so your nails can cure properly, quickly, and with as little damage to your nails as possible. Try the UV lamp By Lagunamoon.


Tip 5: Picking your colors

Unlike regular nail polish, Gel polish lasts longer. So it’s best to pick a color you will be happy with! Lagunamoon offers 6 color sets, 22+3 color sets and 24+6 color sets!


Tip 6: Hot baths or shower can “lift” your polish

Exposure to hot water for long periods of time can cause your Gel manicure to lift off the nail bed. Be mindful of this when sitting in hot water for more than 5 minutes and wear gloves when you wash the dishes!

Tip 7: Apply all the needed coats

Always use a base coat when applying Gel polish and a topcoat. It won’t cure properly without these Lagunamoon’s 22+3 piece set comes with a glossy top coat, matte topcoat, and a base coat! So there’s no need to worry!


Tip 8: Layer your Gel polish correct

Once you’ve finished your base coat, apply your Gel polish in long and thin coats. It’s typical to apply 2-3 color coats per nail in order to get a solid & vibrant color, but no more than 3. Cure your nails in between each coat.

Tip 9: Avoid getting Gel polish on your skin

Oopsies happen to everyone. Take your time to be precise with every application to avoid getting it on your skin. If this does happen, it can cause the polish to lift and therefore not be properly sealed. Quickly removed the oopsie with a wooden cuticle stick or cotton ball before curing it.

Tip 10: Topcoat hack

If your Gel nails haven’t chipped, once a week refresh your topcoat. This can help your nails last a few more days before it’s time to redo them!



Keep the above 10 tips in your mind and definitely try DIY nails at home with your bestie! Share these tips if you think they’re helpful! Enjoy!


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