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Back To School With Essential Oils: A Survival Guide for Moms

on June 29, 2021

After having a fun time throughout the long break, it is the time for children back to school with their routine, which suggests parents have a lot to prepare. Children may find it difficult that breaking away from the holiday mode and getting back to school. To make this back-to-school season the most fun and least challenging, here are some top aromatherapy tips to help your children ease the transition to school.
Stay hygienic and sanitized

No back-to-school discussion would be complete without talking about bacteria. Public facilities and proximity such as sharing tables can expose your children to lots of viruses and germs, and even take a toll on their vulnerable immune systems. To prevent from getting sick, children need to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects more frequently. Use our protective nature remedy spray to spray surfaces, doorknobs and other commonly touched areas to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Our tea tree hydrosol carries the hydrophilic properties of tea trees as well as microscopic droplets. The aroma of our tea tree hydrosol is distilled from 300 natural unique plants without chemical additive fragrance. Simply spray it onto the surface, in the air or on the skin to stay hygiene, this spray is kids friendly and can be applied directly on skin. The pure and fresh scent can also relax and calm your children down. Tea tree has a rejuvenating effect on skin that can help deeply restore moisture and elasticity on the skin.
Hand washing is another effective, economical, and simplest ways to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs and keep healthy. Encourage your children to get into the practice of washing hands regularly and applying hand sanitizers at key moments, such as entering and leaving the classroom, after touching surfaces, studying materials, books. 

Check out our alcohol-based formula hand sanitizer that works immediately to kill germs and bacteria and keep hands clean. It comes with a thin texture without leaving a sticky residue and contains ethylhexylglycerin acts as a humectant that can help skin keep moisturized and soft. 

Prevent cross-infection and boosting their immunity

Other than reducing the risk of exposure to the virus and prevent cross-infection, it is also important to promote a healthy immune system as well as physical wellness for your children. Health shield essential oil can not only boost children’s immune system, but also help to alleviate anxiety and facilitate a healthy mood. It can be diffused in your diffuser for 30 minutes at a time. It is a great blend to promote a healthy environment, especially when someone in the family is sick. Let the refreshing aromas stimulate your kids’ nervous system, relieve the pressure of learning and give them a pleasurable sensory experience.

In addition, try to dilute 1 drop of healthy shield oil with around 10 drops of carrier oil and massage under your children’s arm, shoulder, and bottom of feet to strengthen their immune system. Our health shield essential oil is composed of natural ingredients without preservative, artificial colours such as, cinnamon,  eucalyptus and lemon which are great for skin care, stress relief and air refreshing.  


Nasal inhaler for cold relief

Nasal inhalers are commonly used by people who suffer from nasal congestion when having a cold. Nasal inhalers can help soothe the nose and breathe easily. When children having a cold, their noses were fully clogging nasal passages, which can make children feel uncomfortable and easily distract them from their studies. Our pocket-size aromatherapy inhaler is convenient to carry around at school and is helpful when children struggle with a stuffy nose, allergies, and a seasonal cold. It can refresh the mind by boosting energy and comforts the nerve by relieving anxiety. Our nasal inhaler is formulated with naturally pure essential oils and is safe and effective for use by children.


Improve concentration and focus

Your children may be tired after school and not able to focus on their studies. Aromatherapy is not only essential to health but can also boost memory, enhance cognition, alertness. Researchers have shown that breathing in the same scent as you smelled while studying during an exam can help recall the knowledge and improve the test performance. Our ready-to-use essential oils combine the benefits of mint, eucalyptus, lemon, which can improve their concentration and increase memory retention. The following top essential oils are safe and effective for kids to boost their energy.
Eucalyptus, the classic aroma linked to chest rub ointments commonly used for immune support, joint pain mitigation and cough relief from cold or flu. It can also be used with a diffuser for stimulating the brain and improving energy. 

Lemon essential oil is a popular type of essential oil used in aromatherapy. Sourced from the peel of citrus lemon and provides a large number of health benefits. It can elevate mood and ease depression and anxiety, which is a good choice for children to feel alert and concentrated.

Peppermint can improve alertness and memory that can be helpful when children are studying. According to a study in 2008, researchers found that smelling peppermint essential oil enhanced concentration and boost memory.
You can diffuse into an oil lamp diffuser and inhale or use an essential oil bracelet. Also, try adding a few drops of essential oils to a portable item that the kid can take to school, such as clothing, hands-on learning items. 

With the vacation about to get over, a new school year is counting in! Hope these top tips can help you get ready and be organised. Best wishes for your children in this coming back-to-school season. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay happy!

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