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Revitalizing Eye Cream: Multiple Functions In One Bottle

on February 26, 2021


Do you know why the skin around your eyes tends to become older first? Because delicate area is sensitive to stretching and sagging, so it matures faster than other parts of your face. It is also the first area on your face to show signs of fatigue and stress. Therefore, using an anti-aging eye cream become our everyday routine.

When choosing an anti-aging eye cream, it’s important to look at its ingredients and benefits. 


Lagunamoon Revitalizing Eye Cream is rich in proven anti-aging ingredients including caffeine and retinol. It is specially formulated to ensure maximum efficacy and minimum irritation on the thinnest and most fragile eye area.

Ingredients and benefits:


Firming and Smoothing

Vitamin E & Methionine

- Helps smooth wrinkles and enhances firmness

By Boosting Collagen Production

Retinol & Polypeptide & Hydroxyproline

- Helps minimize wrinkles and stabilize collagen

By Working on Fibrinogen

Centella Asiatica & Oligopeptide-1

- Promotes fibrinogen regeneration and firms the eye area

Better Complexion: Removing Dark Circles and Depuffing

Caffeine & Zinc Gluconate

- Improves eye-area blood circulation and eliminates puffiness

Fading Dark Circles and Hyperpigmentation

Niacinamide & Vitamin C & Rose Fruit Oil

- Brightens the skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation

Best Protection: Hydrating and Repairing

Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramide + Panthenol

- Effectively moisturizes the skin

Shea Butter + Aloe + Bisabolol

- Strengthens the skin barrier and fights irritations 


This eye cream contains no fragrance so it’s safe for even delicate skin.

How to use

After cleansing, apply in small dots around the eye area and massage gently until thoroughly absorbed. Use every morning and evening.


Please remember that anti-aging is a long process, keep using for a better result! We recommend to use eye cream before you see wrinkles because the best result always comes from prevention.

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