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Lagunamoon Valentine's Day Bath Bombs Collection: Have Some Fun In This Special Season

on February 08, 2021

We are sure that everyone is expecting Valentine’s Day 2021, because who doesn’t like romance? When a special day is coming, we need special gifts for our loved ones or ourselves. Our new Valentine's Collection has 3 sets in total, and each of them is super duper cute! 

There are 3 sets in total, the first set is Heart And Kisses

Heart And Kisses contains 5 bath bombs, which are:

I Heart U - A heart shape bath bomb that releases a rose scent, provides you with alleviation

We Just Fit (pink and blue) - Blue and pink never go wrong together, so do you and your loved one! It has a chamomile & ocean scent, provides relief and tranquility

Kiss (pink) - An enthusiastic kiss with rose taste, so romantic!

Kiss (reddish) - A kiss with grapefruit flavor, so sweet!

Same Love - A cheerful and colorful bath that provides an orange scent

The second set is We Just Fit, which contains 4 bath bombs, which are:

You Are The Bomb - A lemon scent provides vitality

We Just Fit (yellow and green) - See how peppermint and lemon scent combine with each other, it will provide you with refreshment and relaxation

Heart To Heart - Another heart shape bath bomb with a rose scent, provides an uplifting mood

2+1 Surprise Bomb - Open the star lid and find out what’s inside of it! Release a lemon & grapefruit scent, provides contentment

The third set is The Love Is Blooming, which contains 4 bath bombs which are:

Roses - A cute flower bath bomb with a rose scent, provides relief

Daisy - Lemon scent, provides vitality

Cherry Blossom - Grapefruit scent, provides balance

Floating Star - The most colorful bath bomb that has a lavender scent that provides calmness

We also have these bath bombs in single so that you can choose your favorite one.

These bath bombs are full of soothing scents and incredible colors, specially designed for this love season. All of them are natural, handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free, which means they will be a perfect gift for everyone. 


Deep-sea mineral salt - helps exfoliate and purify the skin, and leave you a soft and bright skin

100% essential oil - helps relieve stress, the soothing scents will provide you with a spa-like bath


How to use:

Bath: Fill up your tub. Unwrap the bath bomb and drop it in. Enjoy your relaxing bath for 20-30 minutes. No need to rinse again after bathing. No need for body lotion either.

Shower: Break the bath bomb with hard objects. Apply it to the skin and massage gently. Rinse. Your skin is left soft and silky.

Foot Bath & Hand Spa: Help the bath bomb dissolve in a basin and put your hands or feet into it for 15- 20 minutes. Enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Enjoy this love season with our Valentine’s Collection, we hope you will have the sweetest day ever!

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