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Lagunamoon Style Report: Our Top Nail Trends To Try in 2021

on June 17, 2021

Have you been contemplating a new look this year? When it comes to instant makeovers, one of our favorite ways to try on a new style is with some fresh new nails. Changing up your manicure with a new gel polish or two (or five!) is quick, easy and affordable.

Plus, with so many fun trending styles to choose from this year, you might find more than one new go-to look. Read on to learn about our favorite nail trends for 2021:

French Twist 

A classic favorite is getting its own makeover this year with lots of new

variations on the French tip. Gradient color, color blocking, double French tips and tattoo

nail art on top of the traditional French manicure are just a few of the many updated

versions trending right now.



Positively Pastel 

Pale yellows, minty greens, pretty peach, pink and lilac are popular

standalone manicure colors this year, but what’s even more popular is mixing these

colors together to create a perfect pastel rainbow. You could also play with gradient or

speckled pastels for those subtle single nail accents.



Delicate Details 

If statement nails aren’t quite your thing, you’re in luck. Minimalist

designs are also very popular this year. For an understated and sophisticated approach,

consider adding small accoutrements such as gold trim, thin pinstripes, or tiny pearl and

rhinestone accents.




Embrace Blank Space 

Nude nails don’t have to be boring. In 2021, manicurists are all

about making creative use of negative space. Expect to see new takes such as neon +

nude or “glass nails” which use floating lines under clear gloss to create a windowpane

effect with very little color.


Patterns That Pop 

Gingham and polka dots and zig-zags, oh my! Patterned nails are

making a comeback this year and bold patterns are nothing to shy away from. Many

fashion influencers are taking matching to the next level, painting their nails to

accessorize their favorite fashion prints or even their face masks, this year.



Dual-Tone Finishes 

If you have a hard time choosing between a glossy or matte finish,

now you don’t have to! Mixed or dual-finish manicures have arrived in a big way, with

trendsetters opting for multiple finishes on one set, or even dual tone designs on each

nail. The effect is super chic and the options are endless.




Nostalgia Nails 

We love that throwback styles are also showing up in a big way this

year. Expect to see lots of yesteryear-inspired nails with groovy 1960’s tie-dye patterns,

geometric shapes from the 1980s, and holographic 90s-esque polishes. Everything old

is new again in 2021. So don’t be afraid to choose your favorite decade and get creative!



Get a New Look with Lagunamoon

Excited to get started trying all the new styles that 2021 has to offer? We’re excited too! Which is why we created our Full Color Ideas Gel Nail Polish Set. This incredible kit comes with all the colors, finishes, and accessories you need to complete hundreds of different nail styles and looks.

All of Lagunamoon’s gel polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and long-lasting. We offer both glossy and matte finishes and a plethora of highly-pigmented vibrant colors perfect for creating your look in 2021. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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by McKenzie on June 29, 2021

Thank you for sharing!! Nice styles!!

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