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Is gel nail polish bad for your nails?

on July 16, 2021

Gel nail polishes have been on the rise for the past few years because of their commendable quality results.

Gel nail polishes are a lot more flexible, and therefore, they do not chip easily, lasting for longer periods.

Gel nail polishes are bad for your nails? 

In addition to that, gel nail polishes dry faster, saving a ton of time for those applying them. They are also easy to work with, enabling creative designing, and with gel nail polishes giving a natural look, the nails always look fresh and healthy.

But, with the growing positive popularity of gel nail polishes, there have been questions about whether they are bad for your nails or not.

And that is a valid question because one should be concerned about nail health, especially when it involves using products. Some gel polishes may indeed make nails increasingly irritable and thin. Moreover, procedures conducted may cause infections, nail breakages, and the usage of acetone is considered harmful if used too frequently.

Lagunamoon- Vegan For A Reason

To negate such effects, Lagunamoon has done extensive research, trial and effort to bring about the perfect products. These products have characteristics and ingredients to fight such possibilities.

Lagunamoon has vegan gel nail polishes to protect your nails by limiting harmful chemicals used in the production. Furthermore, they are made with naturally occurring resin to avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible to keep your nail health in check.

The fact that Lagunamoon gel polishes are toxin-free proves that they are not harmful products for human nails and can safely be used. Despite all these positive processes used to ensure nail health and safety, Lagunamoon gel polishes still manage to be low odor and long-lasting.



Lagunamoon also produces a Nail Care Cuticle Oil Pen with natural ingredients to ensure complete nail health and safety from gel nail polishes. In addition, nail Prep Dehydrator and Primer is also one of our brilliant products for nails.

After making gel nail polishes safe to use, Lagunamoon is not only selling single bottles of gel polishes but also sells kits of 25 and 30 from regular shades to fluorescent to glitter to metallic to holographic!

So, the question still lies – is gel nail polish bad for your nails? And the answer to that is – not if you use the right products. Lagunamoon products are, in fact, the right products.

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