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How to Prep the Nails for Gel Polish

on July 16, 2021

Have you been wondering how to prep your nails for a gel polish at-home manicure? Well, it's never been easier to get started. For our step-by-step instructions (+ professional tips) on how to prep your nails for gel polish, keep on reading!


The Tools You'll Need:


1.Nail Cleanser


To remove traces of polish, residue, and bacteria for a clean, flawless manicure base.


2.Nail File


To trim and shape your nails into your desired shape.


3.Professional Cuticle Remover


To remove cuticles and excess skin for a clear working surface and a more professional-looking manicure.


4.Cuticle Scraper


To remove and push back cuticles.


5.Lint-Free Nail Wipes


To gently remove nail dust and other residues.


6.Buffing Block


To file, buff, smooth, and shine the nail.


7.Nail Prep Dehydrator


To prepare the nail plate and create a lasting foundation for gel polish.


8.Nail Primer


To improve color saturation and staying power.


How to Prep the Nails for Gel Polish


1.Cleanse Nail Surface


To remove all traces of prior polish, dirt, and residue from the surface of the nail, you will want to gently cleanse the nail plate with a nail cleanser. You can dampen a cotton ball or absorbent nail wipe and gently massage the nail bed by pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip. Wipe each nail clean.


Pro Tip: Our Nail Cleanser is gentle and non-drying. Plus, using it in your gel polish prep routine will extend the life of your gel polish color and boost shine.


2.Trim and Shape the Nails


Smooth away rough edges and create the nail shape you want using a high-quality nail file.


Pro Tip: Have you ever heard of a washable nail file? Not until now. Our unique 100/180 grit (great for artificial or natural nails) nail file can be cleaned and washed for long-lasting, sustainable use.


3.Push Back and Trim Cuticles


For a clear and clean polish base, you'll want to soften and remove cuticles and hard, excess skin around the nail plate. Our instant cuticle remover softens the skin in seconds so you can safely and easily remove cuticles with a cuticle scraper.


Pro Tip: Apply a generous amount of cuticle remover and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Then remove the cuticles with the cuticle scraper and rinse off any remaining formula with water.


4.Wipe Nails Clean


Using a lint-free nail wipe, clean the surface of the nail to prepare for your next step.


5.Buff Nails


Using a buffing block, use designated sides to smooth and shine the nail, preparing it for polish.


6.Wipe and Cleanse Nails (Again)


Once the nails are smooth, quickly remove any leftover residues and nail dust with the nail cleanser and lint-free nail wipes.




Apply a layer of our non-toxic Nail Prep Dehydrator and let air dry for 90 seconds.


Pro Tip: You don't want to skip this step! A nail dehydrator is one of the most important steps for a professional gel manicure as it preps the nail plate and creates a long-lasting foundation.




Using a primer as the last step in your gel polish prep routine will help keep your color lasting, vibrant and avoid lifting. Simply apply a light coat on each nail and let air dry for 30 to 90 seconds.


Voila, Your Nails Are Prepped for Gel Polish!

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