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How to Maintain Healthy Nails? 6 Tips for Gel Polish Lovers

on May 26, 2021


Gel polish has many benefits over regular nail polishes. It provides a glossier look, bears wear and tear, and lasts longer than regular polishes. But maintaining healthy nails with gel polish is a major concern. Here we have 6 proven tips to maintain healthy nails with gel polish.


Tip 1: Give Your Nails Some Break

To keep your nails healthy and maintain natural beauty, keep them close to nature. It means don’t wear gel polish or regular nail polish all the time. North Carolina-based famous dermatologist Dr. Chris Adigun advises giving your nails a break at least once a week.

It will not only let you examine the natural condition and health of your nails but also help recover. Uncovered nails can exchange oxygen easily while polish and gel block them. Therefore, avoid using nail polish and gel all the time.



Tip 2: Minimize contact with UV lamp

UV light has been proved to be causing health issues for nails. It is especially problematic for people sensitive to UV lights as found by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Since UV lamps are employed in salons to quickly cure the gel polish, it is important to minimize their use. Doctors recommend the use of sunscreens and gloves to protect against severe UV exposure. 



Tip 3: Don’t peel but soak to remove

Another tip for healthy nails for gel polish users is to not peel the gel. After a week of wear, a lot of people might try to peel away the gel. It can damage nail health in two ways. First partially peeled nails can get bacteria through the water. Second, peeling often results in damage to the upper layer of nails.

So, it can cause serious damages to your nails. Often it weakens the nail layers. The best option is to use acetone to remove the gel. Always apply acetone soak to remove your gel polish and never peel directly.


Tip 4: Re-hydrate Your Nails Regularly

Gel polish can cause dehydration of the nails. So if you are a gel polish user, you need to make your nails re-hydrated. A good practice is to use cuticle oil to re-hydrate and repair the nail bed and the cuticle edges.   


Tip 5: Try Not to Take a Hot Shower with Gel Polish

Since hot water can cause the gel to go off, make sure you try not to take a hot shower or bath while gel polish on. If you have to use hot water for the kitchen or other purposes, it is better to wear gloves to keep your nails safe from hot water.


Tip 6: Check Ingredients of Your Gel Polish

Not all gel polishes are equally good for nail health. Therefore, pick your gel thoughtfully. Famous manicurist Jenna Hipp warns against gel polishes having formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. If a gel polish contains this formula, it can cause inflammation and other diseases.


Keep healthy nails

Gel polishes are way better than traditional nail polishes. But like nail polishes their extensive use can wear away the natural beauty and health of your nails. Therefore, we should keep these simple tips in view to keep healthy nails.


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