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Fragrance Oils Gift Set Top 16: Let’s DIY!

on January 18, 2021

DIY is always a great way to spend your time because it helps you concentrate and provides you achievability. Especially during this tough time, DIY can be a great way to enrich our lives at home. You can DIY candles, soaps, and other personal care products by using a fragrance oil, and you won’t regret it if you use Lagunamoon Fragrance Oil.

We understand that fragrance oil can be used in many products and you may get bored with the same fragrance, so we have this Fragrance Oils Gift Set Top 16 which contains 16 fragrance to refresh your breath every day.

The 16 fragrance are:






Ylang ylang



Parma violet



Fresh linen



Sea breeze

Black orchid

 With this fragrance oils set, you can DIY as much as products you want with different fragrances. Our fragrance oil are mainly extract by steam distillation, which is vegetarian, no parabens, no toxicity, no animal testing, no cruelty, no gluten, and no strange odor. Fragrance oil set can help you relieve stress, anxiety, headache, insomnia and fatigue to improve overall health, it also can let you enjoy the fun of handmade.


How to use

To DIY a candle: Place a wick into a candle container, heat the wax in a pot, and add 7-10 drops of fragrance oil, pour the wax into the container, and let it cool completely. Then a fragrant candle is done, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

 To make a dryer sheet: Add 3-5 drops of fragrance oil on a 5-inch cotton sheet, it can be used as a dryer sheet.

 To DIY a body lotion: Add 5 tbsp shea butter, 3 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp almond oil, 1 tbsp jojoba oil in a bowl and melt double boiler method, mix until conbined. Remove from heat, add 7-10 drops of your favorite fragrance oil, mix them well. Pour into a container and let it cool completely.

 If you have some brilliant ideas, please share your DIY with us!


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