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Bring the festive cheer to your fingertips!

on November 18, 2019

Christmas is around the corner. Ready to embellish your home with beautiful
decorations? What about your nails? -- It's time to give them a festive look! Show off your holiday spirit with some creative and fun Christmas nail art designs this year! We've rounded up some of our favorites to inspire you this holiday season.

Christmas Tree

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? The traditional red and green colors?
Christmas tree? This nail art design has got you covered! They have long been staples of Christmas. Get your nails into the festive spirit with these classic holiday symbols!BUY IT NOW: Tree


Xmas Snowflake

Bring the festive cheer to your nails with red color which is traditionally associated with
Christmas. It is such a vivid and bright color that brings joy and is always in style. Give
your manicure that festive sparkle by adding some glitter on top! The french tip further
adds elegant and chic vibes to your nails.



Golden Tree

The color gold is a must-have in this jolly holiday season. It is such a fabulous color and fits well with the Christmas theme. It adds lots of appeal while giving a sense of fun and luxury to your manicure. Amaze your friends with the flamboyant themed nails!



Fancy Christmas

Looking for something different besides the classic colors of red, green, and gold in the
Christmas season? Pink, known as the color of harmony and sweetness, can be a great
option. Pink is all the rage recently. It can be seen on almost everything from Christmas
trees, garlands, to Christmas balls. This color looks wonderfully dreamy and creates a
comforting ambiance. Paint your nails in pink to match the Christmas decorations and
add charm to your manicure!



The Nutcracker

Nutcracker, which resembles the looks of kings and soldiers, has been one of the iconic symbols of Christmas. It is usually painted in bright colors. It bares its sharp teeth to keep evil spirits away and serves a sign of good luck and strength. Create the nutcracker nail design and let it bring luck to you and your families!



Xmas Snowman

Snowman is a popular theme for the Christmas season. Building snowmen with families and friends has always been a joy. To make a classic snowman, snowballs are piled on top of one another, a carrot nose, coal eyes and mouth are added. It can also be decorated in lots of creative ways. The Christmas season gets truly fun with snowmen.
Build a snowman on your nails to get the holiday-ready and have some wintertime fun! Let's get started!



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