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Best DIY Gel Polsih 2021; Use Lagunamoon!

on June 07, 2021

For many people out there, getting a mani and pedicure is considered a lavish treat. It’s the type of pampering that doesn’t take too long and doesn’t hurt one’s wallet. However, Lagunamoon can give you a treat even better and better for your wallet! With safe ingredients, nail tools, and a wide range of colors, Lagunamoon is becoming the top choice for many nail care enthusiasts whether they’re a professional or love a good DIY.


Wide Range of Colors and Finishes 

My favorite part about getting my nails done is choosing what color and design will live on my nails for the next few weeks. Your color speaks a lot about you. Choose whites or beiges for a subtle business look, or red for a fierce and daring date. Lagunamoon has a variety of kits to choose from, including kits of 6 colors up to 25! Each kit is professional quality grade and comes with fun extras such as creme finished, sheer, glitter, chrome,

and more to!


Popular Gel Polish Sets:

- Lagunamoon Fall Colors

- Lagunamoon Glitter Set

- Lagunamoon Nude Colors


Professional Tools

To get that perfect nail shape, you’ll need some tools. To get your personality

represented right, youll need some laqeur color options. Lastly, for the perfect gel polish look, you’ll need a UV lamp. Lagunamoon is a one-stop-shop all! Whether this is your first try at DIY gel nails, or you’ve done this numerous times, Lagunamoon has the tools you need to get that salon-perfect look. Check out their UV Nail Lamps and Gel Polish Remover Kits here!



Gel Nails Essentials:

- Nail Polsih Remover

- UV Protection Gloves

- Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit

- Nail Drill


Quality Standards

Veganism isn’t just for food, it’s a way of ensuring products are truly cruelty-free.

Lagunamoon products are always cruelty-free and always vegan. These standards help bring out only the best of ingredients for their products.



Lagunamoon is Always:

- Organic

- Vegan

- Handmade

- Kids Safe

- Natural Ingredients

- Paraben Free

- Cruelty Free

- Gluten Free


Uses Natural Resin

Nail lacquers are made up of a few ingredients such as Polymers, Resins, and color. Natural occurring resin is one of the healthiest Resins that can be used in nail polish. This gives you a hard, shiny surface without damaging your nail bed underneath.


Long Lasting

Through all the prepping and creating your beautiful nail art, you want your polish to last as long as possible. Lagunamoon uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure long-lasting times. With proper application, your gel polish should last for 21 days with no chipping or peeling. For extra tips and tricks on how to make your manicure last longer, check out our article on- “10 facts you should know about gel polish!”



Professional Guides

To give you the best service possible, Lagunamoon provides detailed application guides along with professional tips with each order. That way you can DIY the best way and learn along the way from professionals! A little practice goes a long way when it comes to DIY’s.

Want to know more about professional nail care tips and tricks, nail art inspirations, and more? Check out our blog, where you can find out more about our products and everything else beauty, self-care, and good nails.

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by Lennon on June 11, 2021

Great tips awesome:)


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