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2021 Summer Nails Ideas

on June 03, 2021

Beach days and barbecues are finally surrounding summer 2021! Though you may think this will be a completely different summer than last year, we deserve a little change, don't we?

Whatever you are not getting any salon services or you’ve become a DIY mani master last year. Now it's time to shake it up. Scroll down for the stunning summer nails, inspire your manicure to the next level.

Color Blocking Nails

Color blocking nails are becoming the hottest nail art trend of the season. This is a funky look that stands out the best when you choose any color you like.

1. Star and Stripes

    Credit: Instagram@tiffanynailsit

    2. Geometric Nails

      Credit: Instagram@ohmylorb

      3. Blue Mosaic

        Credit: Instagram@snipnails

        4. Gold Dust

        Credit: Instagram@left_hand_nailart

        5. Plum Blocks

        Credit: Instagram@lazydaynails

        6. Asymmetry Crossing

        Credit: Instagram@mani_mocha_nails

        7. Candy Blocking

        Credit: Instagram@ashleys.nails_

        8. Pucci Nails

        Credit: Instagram@tallfashionblog

        9. Traffic Lights

        Credit: Instagram@alyssa.thebeautylounge

        10. Mint Medley

        Credit: Instagram@cuticlecare_fornails


        Floral Nails

        Who does not like floral nails, it suits the flower in the full bloom season. You can use a neutral base coat in a light hue to make the flowers stand out.

        11. Flower Combo

        Credit: Instagram@karanailedit

        12. Blue Daisy

        Credit: Instagram@nailsbynatalielestudios

        13. Rose Petal

        Credit: Instagram@studiohrx

        14. Sunny Smile

        Credit: Instagram@ji_niiiii

        Gradient Nails

        Gradient nails show two or more shades creating the illusion of a subtle rainbow of colors. Here are five of the coolest gradient nails coming up in the summertime.

        15. Marble Diamond

        Credit: Instagram@merlin_nails

        16. Ombre Season

        Credit: Instagram@naildadstudio

        17. Yellow Peaches

        Credit: Instagram@pazurki_official

        18. Pink Sparkles

        Credit: Instagram@danasdips

        Graphic Art Nails

        Go for graphic nails to make a standout look this summer! Design a simple and creative painting!

        19. Summer Vibes

        Credit: Instagram@nailed_by_kenna

        20. Tricolor Curve

        Credit: Instagram@amyle.nails

        21. 80’s Abstract

        Credit: Instagram@illustrated_nails

        22. Black Butterflies

        Credit: Instagram@nailfashionbyjenny

        23. Milky White & Neon Orange

        Credit: Instagram@nails_byesther

        24. Pastel Daydreams 

        Credit: Instagram@nailitmag 

        25. Multicolor Dots



        Credit: Instagram@s.paige.a

         26. Funky Bamboo 

        Credit: Instagram@emilys_galnails

        27. Disney Blocks

        Credit: Instagram@thecelestinail 

        28. Duotone Swirls 

        Credit: Instagram@amd_nails

        29. Neon Waves

        Credit: Instagram@lightelegancehq

        30. Candy-paint Heart

        Credit: Instagram@ohsoprettyxo

         31. Crisp Line 

        Credit: Instagram@nailedbyjas

        32. Bright Yellow & Zigzag Line

        Credit: Instagram@polskiepaznokcie

        Rainbow Nails

        Use a rainbow color of pastel shades, it’s time to choose vibrant colors. Show off your creativity in manicure, and let the rules go out the window!

        33. Half Moon Fruit

        Credit: Instagram@denasnails

        34. Rainbow Crescent

        Credit: Instagram@amyytran

        35. Mixed Color Marble

        Credit: Instagram@jodiemariesnailsandbeauty95

        36. Matte Contrast 

        Credit: Instagram@leelees_nails_x

        37. Summer Skittle

         Credit: Instagram@bycheznails

        38. Multicolor Mashup

        Credit: Instagram@majamarkowicz

        39. Varicolored Swirls

        Credit: Instagram@lupaenails

        Round Nails

        Round nails are classy, natural, and low-maintenance. They can showcase your chic & chill personality.

        40. Rainbow Tortoiseshell

        Credit: Instagram@magpiebeautyusa

        41. Pretty in Pink

        Credit: Instagram@sarahlawsonbeauty

        42. Milky Jungles Swirls

        Credit: Instagram@sophies_nails20

        43. Rainbows and Swirls

        Credit: Instagram@nbastudio_

        44. Kaleidoscope

        Credit: Instagram@amberandstonebeauty

        Square Nails

        Square nails are considered the most healthy nails. They make your fingertips wider. This shape delivers a simplicity lifestyle.

        45. Amaranth Flash

        Credit: Instagram@dip.nails.by.callie

        46. Spicy Curves

        Credit: Instagram@nailsbypaulin

        47. Pink Tassel

        Credit: Instagram@_nailsbyemmaa

        48. Mermaid Tail

        Credit: Instagram@france_nailz

        49. Blue Blue

        Credit: Instagram@madeinmeadowbrook

        50. Aqua Blue

        Credit: Instagram@melodynails_utsa

        From ultra bright colors, fresh new textures, stylish shapes, or daring designs. We have got you 50 summer nail design ideas. So grab your favorite gel nail polish set and get going with your new manicure before it’s fall again!  


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