on October 15, 2019

After the Forest

When you are walking to the forest, the first thing that will let you introduce the eye is the peacock's feathers, but the peacock will only show you the perfect side when their in a good mood, so some people say that its beauty is glamorous. Beauty but not drifting. Many celebrities like to wear peacocks as jewelry, because they think peacocks have a symbol of honor, simple and luxurious peacock nails must be suitable for you.

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Peacock Feast

Peacock always gives people an elegant temperament. Whether it is a variety of fashion shows, you can see the elements of peacocks at various celebrity banquets. The royal blue is paired with turquoise, and elegant will not make you feel cheesy. Create a low-key and luxurious feeling for any banquet, so that you can enjoy the fascinating brilliance of any occasion.

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Passionate Dance

Peacock is a national bird of India, which is a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love. Nowadays, people imitates the elaborate courtship dance as peacock, decorating themselves a colourful tail and performing in a big event or ceremony. So whenever you want to integrate yourself in the passinate dance ball, peacock makeup and nails would defintely the best choice for you!

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Ancient Symbol

The cultural heritage of Bohemia is always full of different colors, so that people are full of all kinds illusions about their symbols. In the autumn and winter season, with a boho-like manicure, you can taste adds with little mysterious and full of fantasy, so that your autumn and winter are no longer boring with the normal nail art design.

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Mysterious Party

Adjectives such as mysterious illusion can make you have lots of fantasy. In the mysterious dance party, every guest present is covered with flowers and plants, so that everyone will get it full of mysterious colors, in the green environment Around the bottom, people are immersed in a comfortable circle to find their own happiness. The mysterious color of the chameleon series is accompanied by low-key leaf carvings, with a hint of leisure in the mystery, which is sure to suit you who like mystery.

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Winter Beast

The snow leopard foraging on the snow, the bald eagle with the cold wind, the tiger running in the forest, and the people are blowing the cold wind. Those are all seen in the winter. The decline in temperature does not affect their life style, but instead a warm view of the winter time . The temperature change series just makes you feel such a change, with the snow leopard's texture and the tiger's texture, let you bring a touch of fashion elements in the wild, this is an indispensable nail style for this winter.

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Snowy Land

In the freezing winter, some of the animals hibernate to avoid the cold weather, and others like beasts, resist the chilliness by their innate feature, fur. Fur gives us a warm feeling, but a cool personality, isn't it? If you are a cool and chic lady, fur-like coat plus winter beat nails are the perfect combinations for you in the coming winter!

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