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2+1 Magicbomb: The Luxurious Bath Experience

on April 01, 2021

If you’re a bath lover, we bet this question always bothers you: am I using bath bomb or bubble bar tonight? We understand how hard to choose between a bubble bath and a colorful bath, so we combined them together in a fun design! The bubble bath comes with the bath dust which you will find when you open the star lid. The bath dust is like the Milky Way, the lids and the shells are the stars and planets. Are you ready for a trip to the universe?

The huge 2+1 Magicbomb is made up of 3 parts. It’s such a great deal because you can use them separately or at once. The bath bombs are safe for all ages, make these great for family time. Now everyone in your family can enjoy the playful and soothing bath!


We have 6 magicbombs in total so that you can enjoy 6 different scents and more colors. 


 - scent: rosemary, forest

- color: purple, green, yellow

Secret Garden:

 - scent: rose, jasmine

- color: purple, green, pink

Flower Fairy:

 - scent: sweet orange, ocean breeze

- color: pink, yellow, blue


 - scent: peppermint, ocean breeze

- color: yellow, green, pink, blue

Shooting Stars:


- scent: lemon, lavender

- color: blue, purple, yellow

Surprise Bomb:


- scent: grapefruit, lemon

- color: pink, yellow


How to use

1. One bath bomb for 3 enjoyable baths

- star lids: colorful and scented bath

- bath dust: scented and bubble bath

- shell: colorful and scented bath

2. Use one bath bomb at once for the most luxurious bath

- Sprinkle the dust under running water as you fill your tub for bubbles, then drop the bath bomb in for a colorful bath


More about our handmade bath bombs

Even though our bath bombs have vibrant colors which provide with playful bath experience, the colors do not stain the bathtub because all ingredients are natural, organic, and vegan. 

The soothing scents come from 100% natural essential oils which have aromatherapy benefits. 


It’s never too extravagant when it comes to self-care because your hard-working deserves a luxury bath experience!


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