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  • Huge color range: 

    We boast a collection of over 1000 colors, covering 40+ different color series.  Where else could you find that?

  • Low price and great value: 

    Who wants to pay $15-20 for a bottle of gel nail polish?   We give you the best – but for less. 

  • DIY Do It Yourself:  

    Say goodbye to spending precious time on setting up salon appointments, and spending $30-50 or more on each visit.  Looking chic doesn’t have to be expensive. 

  • Toulene-Free:  

    Unlike some major brands, we stay away from harmful chemicals.  We leave you a peace of mind in using our products on yourself -- and on your loved ones.

  • Easily removable/changeable:  

    Soak it off within minutes, and just apply a new colour to suit your new look on any given day at the office, or evening on the date. 

  • No heat spikes: 

    No more of those scary painful moments when you stick your hand under the curing lamp, hoping that you feel no heat spike.  

  • Low maintenance:  

    No need to apply daily cuticle moisturizing agents.  No need either for frequent, expensive and time-consuming salon visits. 
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