Worldwide delivery, Free US shipping over $50

Q: From what country will my goods be shipped?

A: Your goods will be shipped straight from our factory warehouse here in Southern China.  


Q: How do you pack your goods?  What are the dimensions and max weights of your boxes?

A: Upon request, we will provide you a table complete with box dimensions and all related shipping details.  


Q: Can I appoint my own shipping agent or freight forwarder?  

A: Yes, you can, if you ask your agent to come and pick up the good from our factory warehouse.  We would then bill you on an ex-factory/warehouse basis.  


Q: What methods of shipping can we choose from?

  • Courier services:  DHL, FedEx, TNT.  
  • By sea

We prefer to make monthly shipments exclusively by sea, so that you get to keep the money that you would have normally given to courier providers.