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Why Are Lagunamoon Bath Bombs Handmade
In an advanced technology era, most products are made by machines, but not our bath bombs. We at Lagunamoon believe that machines cannot replace humans, and we also believe that only handmade bath bombs can show our enthusiasm. We put great effort in designing every detail of the products including the shape, the structure, the pattern and the ingredients in order to present a fun, colorful, healthy bath bomb with a pleasant scent. Only producing the bath bombs with human hands can fulfull our requirements.



Our Ingredients

We believe the great value in natural ingredients, that’s why we try as hard as we can to make the purest products with the best quality. To ensure our quality, we have traveled all over the world to find the best organic farm --- where our pure plant pigment and non-chemical raw materials come from. And that’s not all, we go the extra mile to make sure our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We hope our customers can feel our attitude about the products we make and the lifestyle we respect. Because of all the efforts we put, our bath bombs are safe for all ages.

Plus, every bath bomb is made with our essential oils, which will not only provide the aroma but also help with both emotional and body health.


Special Design

Lagunamoon aims to provide our customers a healthy and fun bath experience, enjoy the fun process while taking a spa-like bath is what we are chasing for. That’s why we put lots of efforts into our bath bombs design.

Our Presidential Collection and Nighttime Dancing Arora are great examples of our special designs: taking a bath with your favorite president,


or watching arora in Alaska.
Your choice!


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