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    nail polish guide laguanmoon

    For best results,


    1. Sanitize the nails and hands.
    2. Clean the surrounding nail plate.
    3. Shape the nail using a file.
    4. Remove the shine using a buffer.
    5. Apply a layer of Lagunamoon Primer.


    1. Apply a layer of Lagunamoon Base Coat.  
    2. Cure under a UV or LED gel nail polish curing lamp.
    3. Apply a layer of Lagunamoon Gel Polish, capping the edge in the front.
    4. Cure. 
    5. Apply a second layer of gel polish.
    6. Cure. 

    C.  SEAL IT

    1. Apply a layer of Lagunamoon top coat.
    2. Cure.  
    3. Remove the inhibition layer with a cleanser and lint-free wipes.
    4. Massage cuticle oil the skin around the nail plate.


    Nice and easy!



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