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    Application types may include:

    1. Diffuser:

      Place 10 drops of your favorite flavored essential oil into a water-filled diffuser indoor.  Turn on the diffuser.  Let the fragrance fill the room. 

    2. Bath:

      6-8 drops in bath filled with warm water.  

    3. Body Scrub: 

      Massage blend applied to body brush.  

    4. Compress: 

      6-8 drops in cold or warm water.  

    5. Friction Rub: 

      50/50 dilution in Lavender or base oil.  

    6. Hand Friction Rub: 

      2 drops neat to palm.  Rub to heat.  Cup hands.  Inhale deeply.  

    7. Hydrosol Spray: 

      5 drops to 20mLs of hydrosol spray (floral water).

    8. Steam Inhalation: 

      2-3 drops in bowl of steaming water. 

    9. Massage: 

      Ratio of one drop to 2mL base oil as a general guide.  

    10. Neat:

      1 drop direct opical application to skin.  

    11. Paper Funnel Inhalation:

      2-3 drops in base of paper towel, rolled into a cone shape.  

    12. Poultice: 

      4 drops to 2 tablespoonsful of poultice base.  

    13. Pulse Point: 

      1 drop to 1mL carrier oil.  

    14. Room Air Spray: 

      50 drops in 100mL pure water in garden spray or spray top bottle. 

    15. Skin Oil: 

      1 drop for each 2mL for the body, and 4mL for the face.  

    16. Stiz Bath: 

      3-4 drops in a bowl large enough to sit in, filled with cool/warm water.  

    17. Tissue or Hankie: 

      1-2 drops direct on cloth.  

    18. Vapouriser: 

      6-8 drops a candle-lit saucer of water.