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How Do We Ensure Natural And Vegan

Most people are pursuing natural and vegan products, but why  do natural and vegan matter? 

 When a product comes naturally, it means its ingredients are planted organically so that the damage to the environment is fewer. Natural products contain no artificial color and fragrance, so it won’t do any harm to your health. Vegan products are not produced by animals or animal byproducts such as beeswax, honey, collagen, lanolin, and keratin. Natural and vegan products provide people a lifestyle of moderate and minimalistic approaches.



How Do We Produce Natural Products

 We have traveled all over the world to find the best plantation of our raw materials. We believe in natural organic materials that come right from the roots of these plantations because only these materials can provide us the greatest sense of health and safety. The pollution-free alpine soil and the perfect balance in climate and humidity have provided a favorable growing environment for essential oil plants.

The optimal harvest time and farmers' ancient methods ensure effective extraction. Our product line consists of essential oils that come from only one-time extraction, never second-time or third-time extraction. Our essential oils are 100% natural which means free of artificial fragrances, pigments, preservatives, mineral oils, and chemical components. The pure and natural ingredients help prevent your body and skin from irritation.




Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We at Lagunamoon believe in the complete equality of humans and animals, all of our products are made from plants and do not contain any animal ingredients. Most of our products have received Vegan Certification from the Vegan Society. Also, we never test our products on animals, no animal should die for our love of beauty.
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