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Q:  How long does it last?

A:  The gel polish usually lasts more than 2 weeks if instruction is followed.  Of course, individual results will vary, depending on how well you care for your nails.  


Q:  How long is the storage time?

A:  12 months after opening.


Q:  How many colors or color series do you offer?

A:  We boast over 1200 unique colors in over 40 color series.  Start trying them today!


Q:  Do I need to use an LED or UV curing lamp?

A:  Yes, you must need an LED or UV curing lamp in order to effectively use our gel nail polish.


Q:  Do I need to use a base coat or a top coat?

A:  Yes, you do.  Always lay the foundation with our base coat, apply thin coats of color, and finish with either our top coat.  In fact, we highly recommend that you use our LAGUNAMOON™ base coat and top coat.  Pairing our formula with other products may not give you the desired results you expect, due to possible incompatibility.  


Q:  The gel polish is too thin, not easy to colored on?

A:  Most colors only require 2 layers of application, but you can apply 3-4 layers to get the ideal pigmentation.


Q:  How to apply?

A:  Please see our “How To Use” page.


Q:  How to remove?

A:  Please see our “How To Use” page.


Q:  Can we use your gel nail polish during pregnancy?

A:  While our gel nail polish products are safe to use during pregnancy, we understand that some women like to limit the amount of beauty products that they use while pregnant.  As always, we leave this discretion to the user.


Q:  Do you do any animal testing?

A:  Never.  We hereby declare that our research, development, and production of gel nail polish involve absolutely no animal testing.


Q:  Does it contain formaldehyde, DBP, or Toluene, or any harmful nanophase materials?

A:  No, it does not.  At LAGUNAMOON™ we only believe in healthy and harmless usage of all of our products.


Q:  Color Difference?

A:  Colors may appear slightly different from actual item due to the lighting during photo shoot or different monitor settings.

  • Apply 1-2 more layers when needed to achieve better pigmentation.
  • The color of the cat eye gel may change after achieving the cat eye effect. 



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