Camphor Essential Oil
Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil


    Botanical Name:
    Cinnamomum camphora

    30mL Single Bottle

    Strong, intense, woody, clean, and clear. Somewhat eucalyptus-like.

    Collection Method:

    Steam Distillation

    Plant Part:
    Wood & bark

    Country of Origin:



    Primary Benefits:

    • Improves circulation
    • Soothes itchy skin
    • Prevents skin infections
    • Reduces nervous disorders
    • Nourishes hair
    • Relieves spasms
    • Boosts the libido
    • Relieves congestion
    • Repel insects and bugs

    Emotional Benefits:

    • Alleviates anxiety
    • Relaxes the brain and nerves
    How To Use

    Popular Uses:

    1. Pain Relief from Muscle Aches
    By diluting camphor oil with a carrier oil (such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil), gently massage it onto the affected muscular areas for pain relief. Alternatively, you can add about 5-6 drops of the oil into your warm, bathing water for an all over the body soak.

    2.Relief from Respiratory Problems
    You can inhale camphor oil in small doses from the palms of your hands and cup it over your face. Alternatively, you can distill about 2-3 drops of the oil in a diffuser, vaporizer or burner in the home or next to your bed at night.

    3.Relief from Insomnia and Anxiety
    You can diffuse camphor oil into a diffuser or vaporizer and put it in your room for aromatherapy relief. Alternatively, you can put about 5-6 drops of it in warm, bathing water to unwind and relax yourself after a long and exhausting day.

    4. Insect Repellant
    You can add camphor oil to a spray bottle containing water and proceed to spray it all over the house and your clothes to keep these pesky creatures out. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of cloth with diluted camphor oil and place it outside your doorstep, thus warding off all these creatures from coming in, in the first place.

    Complimentary Oils:
    Camphor blends well with

    • bergamot
    • clove
    • geranium
    • lavender
    • rose
    • thyme

      How To Store:

      • Store oils out of direct sunlight, preferably in a refrigerator.
      • Avoid heat sources.
      • Keep the cap tightly closed on the bottle.
      • Alternatively, store them in an aromatherapy storage box.


      1. Do not use this camphor essential oil in its pure form. Always dilute it in carrier oil like basil or lavender.
      2. Camphor essential oil is known to be a convulsant so great care should?be exercised to avoid seizures especially among small children.
      3. Camphor essential oil in excess is known to cause liver damage. Make sure not to ingest this substance or apply it directly on the skin.
      4. Avoid if pregnant or nursing.
      5. Keep out of reach of children.
      6. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.