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    Experience Awesome Blossom and its 6 unique aromas derived from natural flowers.

    1. Lavender
      Lavandula angustifolia
    2. Rose
      Rosa damascena
    3. Chamomile
    4. YlangYlang
      Cananga odorata var. Genuana
    5. Jasmine
      Jasminum officinale
    6. Vanilla
      Vanilla planifolia

    10mL each.
    Includes a carrying case.

    Find relaxation and calmness with our floral set.



    Why should I consider this?

    • Flower scents are sweet and strong. They are feminine too, so floral essences are mostly women's favorites. Though, some flowers do have particular notes that make them a favorite among men too.

    • The smell of flowers usually induces a dreamy and romantic mood. Women who like them and wear floral fragrances transmit a lot of delicacy and femininity.

    • Floral essential oils can have a high impact on the mood, self-confidence, and health of the one wearing them.


    Try this:

    • Some great citrus bases to help carry and blend the scents together.

    • It might sound strange to add a citrus oil to a floral blend, but citruses are commonly used as bases within essential oil blends.

    • When mixed with complimentary oils, the citrus ends up enhancing the other scents - rather than overpowering them.


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