1. Wanna Become a Distributor of LAGUNAMOON Products?

Become an official authorized distributor or representative in your area and grow with LAGUNAMOON! Growing isn’t something you do alone. We believe in partnerships and in sharing our passion and resources. We’d appreciate the chance to discuss exciting opportunities for your success and our mutual growth. 


2. Why should I become a LAGUNAMOON distributor?

  • That’s because we offer our authorized distributors some of the biggest profit margins in the industry – bar none!  
  • Become an official distributor or re-seller of LAGUNAMOON products, and start reaping in major profits!  
  • Our pricing structure allows you to enjoy huge returns on your investment, even doubling your money.  Get up to $2 back for every $1 invested.  
  • Import these hot-selling products at fantastic wholesale prices and distribute them through your local channels!  Where do you do most of your selling?  


3. What other perks and benefits can I enjoy as an authorized distributor of LAGUNAMOON?

  • Be the first to learn about our latest hot-selling products and special offers.
  • Access our complete catalogues and wholesale distributors’ price lists.
  • Take our product images and materials and use them for your own promotional purposes.
  • Make use of our LAGUNAMOON retail display units at your stores.  
  • Gain in-depth insight on how to use our products through our educational content.
  • Receive news on us and the beauty industry.
  • Participate in our fun, engaging activities, and win special prizes.
  • Make a difference in the beauty industry by giving us your suggestions or by sharing with us your great ideas.
  • Learn and share your product experience with our ever-growing group of followers.  


4. How can I become an authorized distributor of LAGUNAMOON products?  

To become eligible, just tell us more about yourself, your business model, and main objectives by filling out the LAGUNAMOON Authorized Distributor Wholesale Account Application Form, sending it back to us at  As a part of our standard qualification process, we will review the application and get back to you within 48 hours.  

If eligible, you will be asked to carefully read, sign, and stamp our LAGUNAMOON distributor agreement, after which an annual renewable membership fee of USD100 is applicable to maintain the status and privileges of being an official LAGUNAMOON distributor.

As soon as payment is cleared, you will immediately be able to enjoy the wholesale prices and customized services, and begin to reap major profits selling some of the most sought-after products.    


5. Am I eligible in becoming an authorized distributor of LAGUNAMOON products?  

We are looking for active, experienced professional distributors with an established network and proven sales record in various corners of the globe.  We aim to support your current business model via all channels, except for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or other 3rd party marketplaces.  

Welcomed business models include:

  • Independent E-commerce websites
  • Retail stores
  • Wholesalers
  • Store chains
  • Hotel chains
  • Catalogue retailers
  • Traditional offline distributors to hotels, spas, salons, shops, etc.


6. Where can I see your price list?

Just write to and tell us a little about your business and we will send you our LAGUNAMOON Authorized Distributor information package, including  

    1. Essential Oil Distributor Catalogue
    2. Essential Oil Wholesale Price List and Order Form complete with specs
    3. Distributor Policy Agreement and Minimum Requirements
    4. Authorized Distributor Application Form (

    The above information package should answer most of your questions. 

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