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    about lagunamoon

    In our Universe,

    the planet Moon represents

    the seductively round curvature of the angelic female body.   

    It emits a beam of light,

    radiating a sense of confidence and power

    as unstoppable as gravity

    and as irresistible as beautiful attraction.


    In perfect stillness,

    this illumination projects itself

    onto a Laguna and its clean fresh water,

    and this natural reflection on the quiet lake

    mirrors the peaceful harmony that should co-exist

    in our healthy body and mind.



    Lagunamoon advocates leading a natural healthy lifestyle,

    side-by-side with chic trendy looks for our modern fashionistas. 


    Around the world,

    Lagunamoon brings consumers like yourself

    superior quality in natural healthy goodness,

    as well as the trendiest beauty and fashion products.


    From nail art to beauty,

    and from personal care to aromatherapy,

    we are here to enable your pursuit of health

    and empower you through beautification.


    Here at LAGUNAMOON™,

    we only give you the newest and the best,

    but for less. 








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